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type Team implements Node {
id: ID!
assignedOrganizationRoles: [OrganizationRolesTeamAssignment!]
assignedCMSHubRoles: [CMSHubRolesTeamAssignment!]
assignedCMSRepositoryRoles: [CMSRepositoryRolesTeamAssignment!]
organization: Organization!
label: String!
createdDate: DateTime!
updatedDate: DateTime!
createdBy: User!
updatedBy: User!
before: String
after: String
first: Int
last: Int
): TeamMembersConnection!

Link copied! ● ID! non-null scalar
Link copied!

The ID of the object

Team.assignedOrganizationRoles ● [OrganizationRolesTeamAssignment!] list object
Link copied!

Team's organization roles

Team.assignedCMSHubRoles ● [CMSHubRolesTeamAssignment!] list object
Link copied!

Team's CMS Hub roles

Team.assignedCMSRepositoryRoles ● [CMSRepositoryRolesTeamAssignment!] list object
Link copied!

Team's CMS Repository roles

Team.organization ● Organization! non-null object
Link copied!

Organization that this team belongs to

Team.label ● String! non-null scalar
Link copied!

Team label

Team.createdDate ● DateTime! non-null scalar
Link copied!

Date team was created

Team.updatedDate ● DateTime! non-null scalar
Link copied!

Date team was last updated

Team.createdBy ● User! non-null object
Link copied!

The user that created the team

Team.updatedBy ● User! non-null object
Link copied!

The user that last updated the team

Team.members ● TeamMembersConnection! non-null object
Link copied!

Team.members.before ● String scalar
Link copied!

Paginate before opaque cursor

Team.members.after ● String scalar
Link copied!

Paginate after opaque cursor

Team.members.first ● Int scalar
Link copied!

Paginate first

Team.members.last ● Int scalar
Link copied!

Paginate last

Link copied!

Node interface
Link copied!

An object with an ID

Returned by
Link copied!

createTeam mutation ● updateTeam mutation

Member of
Link copied!

Organization object ● User object