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If you're new to Amplience, here's where you can get to know the key components of the platform.

Modeling and creating content

  • Content modelingContent modeling

    Content modeling

    How to model your data structures, define your rules and enforce validation.

  • Content typesContent types

    Content types

    The foundation of your content. Understand the anatomy of content types and how schemas define the data model.

  • RelationshipsRelationships


    Model your experience with interconnected pieces of content, including content links, references and hierarchies.

  • Schema referenceSchema reference

    Schema reference

    Everything you need to model your content

  • Schema examplesSchema examples

    Schema examples

    Example schemas to help you start creating your own.

  • Creating contentCreating content

    Creating content

    Walkthrough of how to create a sample item of content from a content type.

Preview and publish

Querying and retrieving content

Managing users and accounts