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AI services

A set of AI powered services to help automate content creation and enhance your workflow. Try AI services in the AI Playground.

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    Amplience labs

    We want you to be able to start working with our AI services as soon as possible. Find out more about Amplience labs.

  • SDKsSDKs

    Amplience credits

    Amplience credits make it easy for you to try out Amplience AI services without having to set up your own account with OpenAI or other providers.


Extend the content form and make content creator easier with AI powered features.

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    Generative rich text editor

    A customizable editor that features embeddable images, enhanced markdown support and a ChatGPT powered AI assistant.

  • CLI toolCLI tool

    Image alt text generator

    Use AI to generate alternative text for images for accessibility and SEO.

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    Automatic shoppable images

    Use AI to automatically detect objects in images and add focal points and hotspots.

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    SEO Assistant

    Use AI to generate contextual SEO meta titles and descriptions, based on your content.


APIs to make it easy to use AI features in your projects.

  • Guides and tutorialsGuides and tutorials

    Background removal API

    An AI powered API to automatically remove the background from your images.

Image recognition

An AI powered service to enhance your workflow.

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    Image recognition

    Image recognition uses AI to identify objects, faces and text within images uploaded to Content Hub and add this to the image metadata.


Integrate Amplience with other AI solutions.

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    Stylitics integration

    AI bundling powered by Stylitics’ AI-driven image technology solutions.