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Amplience credits

Amplience credits make it easy for you to try out Amplience AI services without having to set up your own account with OpenAI or other providers.

Topping up your credits
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An organization is allocated a bundle of Amplience credits per week for free. If you have used up your allocation of Amplience credits and request an action that requires you to spend credits, you are notified with a message. If you want to keep making use of AI features, then visit our top up credits page to add credits to your account.

Once the credits are added to your account, you can continue to make use of our AI services.

Using the AI services
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Each time you make use of one of our AI services, to generate an image description or some text for a blog post, for example, you will be spending one Amplience credit.

The image below shows the message displayed in the Generative rich text editor extension and other extensions when generating some text with no credits available. When using the background removal API, an error will be returned if you have no credits remaining.

Out of credits message

If you run out of credits when using extensions such as the Generative rich text editor or Image alt text generator, you'll still be able to use all the rest of the functionality of the extension and enter text yourself, you just won't be able to use the AI features to generate the text.

When you decide to adopt one or more Amplience AI services into your workflow, then you can choose an Amplience credits top up plan to meet your needs.

Amplience credits FAQs
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When is the credit balance refreshed?
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Your free credits are recharged each Monday at 00:00 UTC. If you top up credits, these credits will be added to your balance as soon as possible.

How do I get more credits?
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Visit our top up credits page to add credits to your account.

What AI services make use of Amplience credits
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Currently the Generative rich text editor extension, Image alt text extension, Automatic shoppable images extension and Background removal API all make use of Amplience credits. We plan to add more services soon.

Does each use of the AI services use one credit?
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Yes. Generating an image description or some text, or removing the background from an image will all use one credit. In the future some actions may require more than one credit.

Can I see how many credits I have used?
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Currently it's not possible to see how many credits you have used or your remaining balance. A message will be displayed when you have run out of credits.