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Schema reference

Giving you the power to model your content.

Core schema features

Features included with JSON Schema.

  • Introducing JSON SchemaIntroducing JSON Schema

    Introducing JSON Schema

    What is JSON Schema and why we use it.

  • Data typesData types

    Data types

    The core data types, including strings, numbers and arrays.

  • ValidationsValidations


    Setting up rules for your content, including maximum and minimum values for numbers and strings.

JSON Schema extensions

Amplience specific enhancements to JSON Schema.

  • Images and videoImages and video

    Images and video

    Media choosers to let users add images and videos to content.

  • TraitsTraits


    Used to define hierarchies, filter and sort paths.Traits give your schemas super powers.

Additional schema features

Features of JSON Schema that help you to structure and maintain your Amplience content type schemas.

  • Amplience imageAmplience image


    Schemas with common definitions that you can reuse in multiple schemas.