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Headless Commerce: Transforming the Travel Experience

Travel wasn’t the only industry to be impacted during and post-pandemic, but arguably it suffered worse than most. Travel business is booming again, but customer expectations have changed. Find out why powerful digital experiences are your ticket to beating the competition.

The Future of Digital Content Management: A Grocery Leader’s Guide

Learn how grocery leaders can use digital content to create modern digital experiences to thrive in an increasingly competitive industry.

Headless CMS Buyer’s Guide

How do you choose which CMS is the right fit for your business, and perhaps more importantly today, how do you know if a headless CMS is right for you? To help with your evaluation process and navigate these tradeoffs, we have created this guide.

Definitive Guide to Composable Storefront and Headless Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Thinking of going headless? Our guide to Composable Storefront and headless Salesforce Commerce Cloud gives you the insight you need to make a decision.

European eCommerce Region Report 2022

Ijaz Bhattee, Strategic Account Director at Amplience, analyzes the latest European eCommerce report and what it means for you and your organization.

Nordics eCommerce Region Report 2022

Ijaz Bhattee analyzes the latest Nordics eCommerce report and what it means for you and your organization.

Delivering Modern Commerce Experiences

Learn how to take the heavy lifting out of digital content and create personalized, modern experiences for your customers.

Germany Ecommerce Region Report 2022

Oliver Stein, Country Manager for DACH at Amplience, analyzes the latest Germany eCommerce report and what it means for you and your organization.

How Headless Blends Business Objectives with IT Flexibility

Experts from Amplience, commercetools, Capgemini, Fluent Commerce and Algolia recently took part in a webinar to discuss headless and how it can benefit you and your organisation. We’ve condensed the key points into a handy executive summary.

Headless Commerce: The Business Leader’s Playbook

Created in collaboration with commercetools, Capgemini, Algolia and Fluent Commerce, this guide answers everything you need to know about headless and how it enables composable architecture.

How to Stay Ahead of Ecommerce in 2022 and Beyond

We’ve delved into some of the top trends in eCommerce, looking at the changing landscape and how shoppers are buying online today. And more importantly, we’ve outlined what you can do about it, helping you to stay ahead of the competition and stay relevant.

How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform

The eCommerce world is changing. And both B2B and B2C companies are rethinking their approaches. Digital Commerce 360’s new guide answers all your questions and more to help you decide which eCommerce platform is right for you.

What to Expect When Going Headless: 7 Technical Considerations

7 technical considerations you’ll need to factor in when planning your headless migration, all of them crucial to successful implementation.

What to Expect When Going Headless: The Ultimate Business Case

Learn what headless is really about, why it’s different and how it can benefit you and your organization.

RetailX USA Ecommerce Country Report

Get up to speed with the latest trends in the US eCommerce market, with plenty of expert tips and guidance to help you get the best out of 2022.

The 2022 Headless Commerce Playbook

To explain the benefits of the new approach to eCommerce technology, we teamed up with Algolia and commercetools to give you The New Headless Commerce Playbook.

The Cyber Five Report

There can be no doubt: Cyber Monday is still the USA’s biggest day for eCommerce. We’ve got all the important highs and lows covered in Digital Commerce 360’s latest Cyber 5 report.

Agile Teams and Workflows for the Modern Era

We are in a new era now. And your team structures, workflows and content production processes need to work within that so your business can thrive. Implementing a lean methodology and adopting an agile way of working will solve a lot of your content production problems.

RetailX Middle East Ecommerce Region Report

Explore the latest eCommerce trends in the Middle East and learn how you can make the most of this growth opportunity.

Future of Retail Report

The Future of Retail report explores how 2021 has transformed the way we shop in the wake of Covid restrictions, COP26 and more.

Key Challenges Content Producers Face

With more and more content being produced, content producers are struggling to keep up. We want to help. We’ve looked at the key challenges faced every day and actual fixes for them.

Designing Connected Customer Experiences for the Modern World

Together with Algolia, Akeneo and EPAM, we’ve looked at how you can solve for all those journeys, and take you through an example whereby through leveraging the right technology and the right strategies, brands can design experiences for this digital-first, modern world.

The Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation & The Digital Maturity Matrix

This is your definitive guide to digital transformation. Understand not only what digital transformation is and why it’s imperative, but also plot yourself on the Digital Maturity Matrix to see where you currently sit, what lays ahead in your transformation journey, and how to successfully get there.

The Distributor 300 Report

Understand how U.S. distributors and wholesalers will drive growth today and post-COVID through digital commerce, courtesy of Digital Commerce 360’s report.

Creating Compelling B2B Content to Scale

Content is now king for B2B businesses too. Learn more about not only how we got here but also the types of content you need to be delivering as a B2B business and how to do it.

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Content Management Systems for Persuasive Digital Experiences

Amplience has been named a Leader in the 2021 report, Worldwide Content Management Systems for Persuasive Digital Experiences 2021 Vendor Assessment.

Monolith vs MACH: A MACH Commerce Guide

Alongside partner BigCommerce, we’ve put together your MACH commerce guide. We’ve started at the basics of what MACH is, calmed all the misconceptions in the market, outlined how to get started, and more.

Holiday Planning Report

Digital Commerce 360’s 2021 Holiday Planning report looks at what retailers can expect this year, and gives you the tips and strategies you need to prepare – everything from using omnichannel to your advantage to website performance and marketing.

RetailX Europe 2021 Ecommerce Region Report

Get an insight into the eCommerce markets and current trends across Europe thanks to RetailX.

Unlocking B2B Customer Experiences

It’s time for change for B2B. Together with our partner Slatwall Commerce, we’ve looked at how B2B have got to this point, why they need to be adapting, and what technologies can help them prepare for the future.

Forrester: Digital Experience With A Headless-First Approach Powers Future Growth

Find out why a headless-first approach should be powering your digital experiences, especially when wanting to overcome key content challenges and power future growth. It’s all in the commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Amplience.

Retail Top 1000 Report

Digital Commerce 360’s report, Key Findings from the 2021 Top 1000 Report, gives insight into the top North American retailers, especially their omnichannal services, web traffic, and where they saw success over the holidays.

Time for a Luxury Retail Reinvention Report

The world has changed for luxury retail. Covid-19 has been a huge catalyst for change towards a digital-first, customer-centric approach, but many businesses still aren’t looking at their operations and digital efforts in the right kind of way.

B2B Ecommerce Guide

Buyers now want a richer experience as well as an even more streamlined experience. And to do this the right content and technology must come together throughout the purchasing process.

RetailX Germany Ecommerce Country Report

Get an insight into the eCommerce market and current trends in Germany thanks to RetailX.

Raconteur: Future of Ecommerce Report

The Future of Ecommerce 2021 report, as published in The Times, looks at how eCommerce can remain on a high beyond the pandemic especially as stores reopen, how luxury retail has embraced online, getting returns right, and more.

RetailX Nordics Ecommerce Region Report

Get an overview of the eCommerce market and trends in the Nordics thanks to RetailX.

Composable Commerce: The Basics

Composable commerce hasn’t been around for too long, but it’s here to stay. To help you get to grips with what it actually means and why it should be on your radar, we thought we’d strip it right back. Take you back to basics if you will (because no one really wants to read all the jargon anyway).

B2B Ecommerce Tech: What Do You Need in 2022 and Beyond?

We’ve looked at how B2B and B2C worlds are colliding, and critically what technology B2B businesses must adopt now in order to keep up and keep afloat.

Take Back Control of Cyber Week

Planning starts months in advance. The stress it places on teams is immense. And, it’s only getting harder. It’s time for retailers to take back control.

Headless Commerce: The Basics

Forget all the jargon, all the technical talk and fluff. This is the stripped back, simple version of what you need to know when thinking about a move to headless commerce. The basics if you will.

Gartner: Composable Commerce Must Be Adopted for the Future of Applications

Discover how Composable commerce lets digital commerce businesses leverage packaged business capabilities to deliver those customer experiences, now and in the future.

Tech Innovations that Stick Report

Learn more about the latest eCommerce tech innovations, like headless commerce, that are here to stay and that retailers can’t ignore.

Headless Experience Management Whitepaper

Headless Experience management is the next evolution, but what is it, and how can it be delivered?

Forrester: TEI Study of Dynamic Content

Reduce team stress and triple your output. Learn how Dynamic Content is proven to boost productivity.

Forrester: TEI Study of Dynamic Media

It costs less to look better. Learn how Dynamic Media is proven to boost performance.

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