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Rid the World of Bad Shopping Experiences

Amplience is the AI Content Company with a vision to rid the world of bad shopping experiences. Now is the time for you to have the means to generate, manage and publish the most persuasive content for every shopping experience, augmenting and accelerating how you work with content and media today.

We uniquely understand the context of shopping to deliver experiences that will delight your customers and empower you to stay ahead of the competition.

Generative Rich Text Editor for Dynamic Content 

Quickly generate and edit content through a new built-in AI assistant to our rich text editor using natural language prompts to generate effective, high-quality content. With our unique built-in real-time preview, authors can visualize their work as they generate it to see exactly what it will look like on their sites in full context.

How to Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy with Human-AI Collaboration 

By leveraging AI, CMOs can increase productivity, improve efficiency in marketing operations, and attract top talent. An obvious and impactful use of AI is its ability to create content, allowing marketers to spend time refining as opposed to copying and pasting across multiple systems and channels. However, striking a harmonious balance between AI and human expertise is crucial to achieve the best (and most responsible) outcomes.

What Is Generative AI and The Opportunity It Presents? 

It’s pretty much impossible to avoid the great AI debate that’s going on right now. On one side, you have those who are excitedly speculating about the possibilities of this relatively new technology for businesses and beyond. On the other, people are understandably asking questions about how AI and people are going to co-exist as adoption becomes more mainstream.

Machine Learning Image Content Recognition

Amplience has already been bringing AI capabilities to augment what marketers can do when working with a massive volume of assets. Our asset manager Content Hub includes proven machine learning capabilities to automatically recognize the contents of an image and store that as metadata – anything from a person to a household object – and take the pain out of managing thousands of images.

AI Alt Text Generator

Harness the power of AI to meet accessibility requirements. With this easy to deploy extension you can automate the process of creating alternative text (alt text) image descriptions, giving screen readers text to read aloud to users with visual impairments, and improve your search ranking.

Bye-Bye Bad Shopping Experiences

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