AI With Impact

Not AI for AI’s sake, but specific services designed to help you work faster, use your time more productively and create more effective shopping experiences at scale.

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Image Recognition

AI For Saving Your Team Tons of Time

Our Machine Learning Image Recognition service automatically recognizes any type of image and stores its contents as metadata – saving your team hours of time manually managing thousands of images.
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Generative Rich Text Editor

AI For Generating Content That Converts

The Generative Rich Text Editor for Dynamic Content lets you breeze past writers block with a built-in AI assistant customized to produce marketing outputs for the shopping vertical. Generate long and short-form content or optimize pre-existing copy anywhere on your site—fast. Easily add other content types like product carousels and watch it come together with real-time visualization. 

Generate. Manage. Edit. Optimize.

There’s more to Amplience AI than you can imagine

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Image Alt Text Generator

AI For Getting Rid of the Repetitive Tasks

Our AI Alt Text Generator allows you to meet your accessibility and screen reader requirements – and boost your search ranking at the same time – without the time and effort it takes to do it all manually.
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Background Removal API

High-quality Image Background Removal

Use AI to automatically detect the most prominent object in the foreground of an image and remove the background to create cut-out images that are high-quality with fine detail and transparent backgrounds.

We Are the AI Content Company

The world’s best services to generate and manage shopping experiences

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AI Bundling

Powered by Stylitics

Combine the power of Stylitics AI-powered, expertly styled outfitting and bundling solutions with Amplience to inspire customers and increase your bottom line.

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Automatic Shoppable Images

Commercialize Imagery With AI

Use AI to automatically detect objects to set focal points & hotspots within your images rapidly to make your digital experiences interactive and drive conversions.

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SEO Assistant

For Fast, Easy SEO

Automatically generate meta title and description options for your content - turning a tedious task into an easy automated job to support SEO.

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AI Playground

For Testing and Learning

Your one stop shop to play, test and read up on all the Amplience AI services that are available or coming soon without the need to install.

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