Unwrap the Fun! Introducing the New Amplience AI Playground

Kelly Masters
December 12, 2023
5 mins

The busy holidays are upon us and, with the massive shift to online shopping, we know this time of year means eCommerce chaos. Our elves have been hard at work building features and services to help empower teams through all the seasons, gifts that keep on giving.

This includes new AI services purpose-built for retail to help teams work smarter (and faster) …not harder. These services not only decrease content production time but will transform how you create, curate, optimize and deliver digital shopping experiences at scale.

Along with what we’ve already released, we have a hefty roadmap of incredible things to come. And now, you can find and test everything we have today and see what’s coming in a single dashboard.

Introducing the Amplience AI Playground  

The AI Playground is an environment inside Dynamic Content for users to explore, experiment and elevate digital content and experiences using Amplience AI services.

Inside the playground, you can journey through each of our available AI services and access hands-on testing environments. Here, you’ll be able to interact with each service in real-time, experiment with different scenarios, and see the immediate impact on content production. From our AI-powered Background Removal API to our AI-powered assistant, experience first-hand how our AI services can help banish writers block, boost productivity, improve workflows and more.

You’ll also get access to exclusive previews and information around all our upcoming AI services. We’re committed to building retail-specific services to make your life easier, and you’ll be the first to know what’s coming in the AI Playground.

How to Access the Amplience AI Playground: 

You can get started in two ways:

  1. For existing customers, the AI Playground will already be populated in your Dynamic Content Dashboard with a new tab called “AI Playground”.

  2. For non-existing customers, the AI Playground is available in the Developer Trial. Click here to learn more and start your free 60-day trial.

Join Us in Shaping the Future 

Your feedback and insights can help shape the future of AI at Amplience. Together, let’s explore the untapped potential of AI and revolutionize the way we approach digital content. If you have thoughts or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through social media or at support@amplience.com.

Stay tuned for more exciting news!