July 20, 2023 | 3 Min

Introducing Generative AI Features to Help Content Producers Create Faster

Kelly Masters
AuthorKelly Masters
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It seems like you can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about the possibilities of AI. Here at Amplience, we’re focused on leveraging innovations in AI across the Amplience platform to make building incredible shopping experiences easier for customers. Today, we’re excited to share our first step in building a wealth of generative content features into the Amplience platform.

Introducing Generative Rich Text Editor for Dynamic Content

Our AI Generative Rich Text Editor is an extension that enables Dynamic Content authors to generate and optimize the content they create. Powered by ChatGPT, this extension helps users quickly generate and edit content through a built-in AI assistant using natural language prompts, which are the prompts (otherwise known as input data) that are given to the model to generate effective, high-quality content.

Once the content is generated, built-in editing assistance helps to refine the content produced. Authors can also easily improve, shorten or expand the generated text or type in a custom action.

In addition, thanks to our unique built-in real-time preview, authors can visualize their work as they create to see exactly what the new content will look like on their sites in full context.

“As a CTO, it’s truly exciting to see the outstanding work my team is doing...bringing the benefits of generative AI directly to our customers precisely when they need it most. This is just the beginning of the many generative AI features that Amplience has in store.” -John Williams, Amplience CTO

Using the Generative Rich Text Editor, content producers can work significantly faster with content. This is especially helpful when writing up both short and long form content, but can meet an array of use cases such as headlines, promotional banners, calls to action and more.

Our vision around generative content doesn’t end here. Our product teams are hard at work building exciting features to help content producers dream big, work faster and end bad shopping experiences for good.

Stay tuned for more product updates around generative content. Click here to learn more about the Generative Rich Text Editor and see some examples. To find out how Amplience can help make your content operations more efficient, book a platform demo here.