Just Having Access to GenAI Isn't Enough: Demand Contextual AI!

Ali Hanyaloglu
October 2, 2023
3 mins

If you are following the latest news in the world of Content Management Systems and related technologies, you will no doubt see that almost every vendor is talking about Generative AI. Not a surprise really: we are in a hype-cycle for GenAI after all. It has become readily accessible to many where it was once deemed to be a black box only for data scientists and developers who knew how to incorporate it into their product offering.

But just providing some level of automation through a prompt to fill in the blank canvas with text, generate SEO keywords, run content translations, or provide a way for developers to access it via an API within a platform is going to cause businesses to hit a wall very quickly. Every other CMS or related vendor is missing a key ingredient that can avoid that wall.

Vertical Industry Context is a Requirement for AI

That missing ingredient is vertical industry context. It is the only way AI technology – whether GenAI, machine learning, or something else – and technology overall, can be applied successfully to fuel exceptional experiences and help businesses stand out from the competition at a speed and scale that was previously unheard of.

Generic publicly accessible technologies that try to address every business scenario cannot take into account the relevant vertical and brand context needed to realize efficacy with AI. You can see for yourself what happens when these generic AI tools are used to generate content for commerce experiences here: not the results a marketer can use. Therefore, you must not let your partners just pass through generic AI tools. That is not a commitment to your business. If you are to be a leader in your field, you must demand relevant context.

The Amplience Difference as an AI Content Platform

This is where Amplience differs not merely as a CMS but as an AI Content Platform: we are proud of our thousands of person-years of experience and expertise with over 450 brands and retailers who are delivering great shopping experiences today. Only we understand how and where content and assets are delivered in a shopping experience; how they are connected with data from the rest of the commerce stack; and where those content and assets are performing best, whether it’s on a PDP or a campaign banner or a digitally-connected grill. This context can be leveraged by AI models to learn from and deliver vertically relevant results. The AI Content opportunity for our customers demands that context with AI.

More Than Just Pass Through of GenAI Tools

It’s also much more than just generating content automatically at large scale or the passthrough of AI tools in a platform. As we speak to our customers about our vision for an AI Content Platform, we don’t see interest nor trust in the total automation of content and asset generation. Without that adoption of AI in the lifecycle of content by business users, technologies that take this approach will just become shelfware. Instead, AI is being seen as most beneficial when it augments and validates what we do as humans today, giving us a level of control over what AI does for us. That includes AI services and studios to checking for and controlling readability and brand tone of voice, to optimizing how assets are used on product pages, to checking compliance with local and industry regulations. It is only then will marketers fully embrace and benefit from using this technology across the content lifecycle. We see the democratization of content creation and content augmentation for marketeers and merchants is how businesses will win and keep customers for the unpredictable and dynamic events that today are missed.

The Contextual AI Imperative

AI technology is here to stay, and commerce businesses like yours need to be ready to adopt it successfully. As you consider options for an AI Content Platform for shopping experiences that includes a Content Management System with Asset Management and Content Delivery, it’s imperative that you ask that vendor what their vision and roadmap for AI Content with Shopping Context is, and how it will benefit your business, your teams and your customers in relevant and meaningful ways.

All of us here at Amplience would be honored to have that exact conversation with you. All you need to do is contact us.