Sneak Peek: Automate SEO with SEO Assistant

Bec Taylor
October 15, 2023
2 mins
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Update March 2024: SEO Assistant is now available. Check out our Marketplace of Documentation to learn more.

Optimizing content for search engines is bread and butter when it comes to best practice in content marketing. When we asked content producers what parts of their jobs they’d like to automate, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was the most common answer. But adding meta tags including meta titles and descriptions can be repetitive and in turn, tedious.

Take a sneak peek at a service we will soon provide that automates the process by utilizing AI-powered tools.

Coming Soon: SEO Assistant

Let’s take a typical scenario: as a marketing manager you need to get your third blog post of the week live ASAP to spread the word about an upcoming event. Your SMEs have signed off the content and the post is ready in your CMS. You’re about to hit publish but you get an error because you haven’t added your meta title and description. Doh!

So you double-check again how many characters are optimal to display in titles and descriptions and roll up your sleeves to squeeze the final bit of creativity required to get the post published.

Wouldn’t it be faster if you could click a button and instantly generate keyword-relevant meta titles, descriptions for your article? That’s exactly why we’re building a new extension to do just that.

After the body of a content item has been saved, you will be able to use our SEO Assistant to generate a range of meta titles and descriptions to select from. Turning a tedious task into an easy automated job that ensures you support your SEO requirements.

How Meta Tags Support SEO

Meta tags are important for SEO because they provide search engines with essential information about a web page’s content, helping them understand and rank the page appropriately in search results.

A meta title tag is the page title that Google will usually show in search results:

Titles are critical to give users quick insight into the content of a search result, helping users decide which result to click on.

A meta description summarises the page’s content. Search engines often use it for the snippet in search results:

Whilst meta description tags are not a direct ranking factor for Google they are still crucial to inform and grab a user’s interest with a short, relevant summary of what a page is about and drive visits to your web pages.

Adding meta tags to your content is a simple task that our new extension can automate so you have one less thing to do!

More To Come

Stay tuned for details on when this extension will be available and check out our AI Insights page to learn more about the exciting capabilities we’re providing that use AI tools to help you work faster and create sophisticated shopping experiences.