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Generative Rich Text Editor

Integration Type: Content FieldDeveloped: Amplience

The Generative Rich Text Editor extension is designed to replace the built in rich text editor in Amplience Dynamic Content, Amplience’s integrated CMS. This enables Dynamic Content authors to generate and optimize the experiences they create by offering a fully customizable editor featuring an AI assistant powered by Chat-GPT, embeddable content items and enhanced markdown support.​

When it comes to AI, this extension helps users quickly generate and edit content through a built-in AI assistant using natural language prompts, which are the prompts (otherwise known as input data) that are given to the model to generate effective, high-quality content.

Once the content is generated, built-in editing assistance helps to refine the content produced. Authors can also easily improve, shorten or expand the generated text or type in a custom action.

In addition, thanks to our unique built-in real-time preview, authors can visualize their work as they create to see exactly what the new content will look like on their sites in full context.


  • Bult-in AI assistant for generative long form and editing short form text
  • Markdown and JSON output
  • User friendly editor
  • Ability to customize based on requirements 


  • Available to all Amplience Dynamic Content customers​

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