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Generative Rich Text Editor

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The Generative Rich Text Editor helps you breeze past writer’s block with AI-generation and optimization services customized to produce effective marketing copy for the shopping vertical at your fingertips. This easy-to-deploy extension offers a fully customizable editor that includes a built-in AI assistant, embeddable content items, and enhanced markdown support.​

This isn’t your average ChatGPT extension. Through extensive customizations, we’ve refined the Generative Rich Text Editor’s AI service specifically for effective marketing outputs, while cutting out the nonsense like GPT chatter. This intuitive AI assistant helps you quickly generate, edit and optimize content at scale by making things like creating promotional banners, editorials, calls to action, and other copy-related items faster than ever.

In addition to content creation, authors can use the built-in AI assistant to optimize both new, written or pre-existing copy. This includes pre-built actions to “Improve”, “Shorten”, and “Expand”, or the author can type in a custom action such as “write this for a younger audience”. And thanks to our unique built-in real-time preview, authors can visualize their work as they create to see exactly what the new content will look like on their sites in full context.

You can also leverage the AI Assistant to generate content based on a set of desired SEO keywords. This feature works especially well with our AI-powered SEO Assistant which helps you create highly performative content that aligns with SEO best practices every time.

The Generative Rich Text Editor is designed to replace the built-in rich text editor in Amplience Dynamic Content, Amplience’s integrated CMS.


  • Built-in AI assistant to generate and optimize long or short-form text
  • Ability to generate content based on desired SEO keywords
  • Customized AI behavior to deliver marketing-specific outputs for the shopping vertical

  • Markdown and JSON output
  • User friendly, intuitive editor
  • Ability to customize based on requirements


  • Available to all Amplience Dynamic Content customers​

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