October 9, 2023 | 2 Min

Sneak Peek: Automatic Shoppable Images

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Update Feb 2024: Automatic Shoppable Image extension is now available. Watch a quick demo or visit our documentation to get started.

A core part of our engineering culture is focused on continuous improvement, keeping our minds fresh and sharpening our skills. One way we live this value is through regular hackathons where the entire product and engineering teams come together to test out ideas and see how far we can get within a fixed, fast session.

The winner of our most recent hackathon offered such clear value to our customers that we’re bringing it to life and making it available as an extension very soon. Here’s a sneak peek.

Coming soon: Automatic Shoppable Image

You can already use our Shoppable Image extension to set focal points and hotspots within your images. Setting focal points is a crucial aspect of effective visual merchandising and marketing because it ensures that the most important part of your image is always in focus when resized across devices and experiences. Hotspots enable interactive experiences, allowing users to interact with an image. For example, when conveying product details, prices, or availability.

We work with some of the world’s biggest brands, some of whom serve tens of millions of images through their digital experiences with us. Manually adding focal points and hotspots across entire campaigns is time-consuming, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Our teams are harnessing AI to automate this process.

Automatically detect objects to rapidly set focal points & hotspots

With a click of a button, Automatic Shoppable Images will be able to instantly detect objects within an image, allowing you to then rapidly set focal points and hotspots, including polygon hotspots.

Now cascade this huge time-saving across complex imagery in multiple campaigns and imagine how far you could enrich and improve your digital experiences.

Enhance Your Customer’s Shopping Experience with Automatic Shoppable Images

  • Works Across Every Device – Ensures the most important part of your image is always in focus wherever your images are shown.

  • Interactive Experience – Engage visitors with interaction by providing additional product information that takes the experience beyond static images.

  • Cross-Sell and Upsell – Suggest related or complementary products to increase average order value.

  • Reduce Friction – Give customers all the information they need in one place without having to navigate away.

  • Increase Conversion Rates – Make campaign imagery shoppable with hotspots to PDPs.

More to come

Automatic Shoppable Images is part of our growing suite of AI-powered services that harness AI technology to automate time-consuming processes to increase productivity and enhance shopping experiences for your customers. Learn more about what’s coming next in our ‘What’s New At Amplience’ webinar.