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Release notes

The latest releases from Amplience.

  • Teams for account management

    Release date: 16th May 2023

    Account management teams, help you quickly manage permissions for groups of Dynamic Content users. A new switch control lets you easily swap between account management and other apps.

  • Bulk archive for content

    Release date: 15th May 2023

    A new feature that introduces bulk archive and unarchive to Dynamic Content, making it quicker and easier to keep your repositories and folders organized.

  • GraphQL Content Delivery API improvements

    Release date: 19th April 2023

    A series of enhancements including custom filters, custom sort, and a GraphQL playground to easily explore your graph and test GraphQL queries.

  • Dynamic Content: delivery key search

    Release date: 19th April 2023

    Enhancements to the search allow you to find items by delivery key and use parameters and wildcards to perform detailed searches.

  • Content Hub: improved asset workflow

    Release date: 18th April 2023

    A collection of enhancements to make it easier to work with your assets, including an improved multiple selection menu and toolbar. You can now unpublish assets from within Content Hub.

  • Delivery key enhancements

    Release date: 15th March 2023

    Enhancements that make it easier for you to work with delivery keys. New configurable columns allow you to choose which information you want displayed in the content library list view.

  • Account management

    Release date: 25th January 2023

    Enhancements including a new admin panel, that provide flexible, granular control over Dynamic Content user permissions.

  • Custom labels for locales

    Release date: 18th January 2023

    New custom labels for locales to help users identify which locales to use.

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