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Release notes

The latest releases from Amplience.

  • Account management

    Release date: 25th January 2023

    Enhancements including a new admin panel, that provide flexible, granular control over Dynamic Content user permissions.

  • Custom labels for locales

    Release date: 18th January 2023

    New custom labels for locales to help users identify which locales to use.

  • GraphQL Content Delivery API

    Release date: 16th November 2022

    A new API that allows you to retrieve content from the Amplience CMS using GraphQL.

  • iOS and Android Content Delivery SDKs

    Release date: 28th September 2022

    Content Delivery SDKs have just been released for iOS and Android. Now you can create mobile apps powered by the Content Delivery API.

  • GraphQL Asset Management API

    Release date: 10th August 2022

    A new GraphQL API for managing assets in Content Hub.

  • Dynamic Content Assets Tab

    Release date: 29th June 2022

    Now you can upload, publish and organize your assets directly in Dynamic Content

  • Static assets and virtual staging

    Release date: 8th June 2022

    We've made some changes to our virtual staging service to allow you to consume unpublished static assets.

  • Content editor extensions

    Release date: 23rd March 2022

    A new type of extension that allow you to augment the content editing experience.

  • Content Delivery API: numeric depth

    Release date: 2nd March 2022

    You can now specify a numeric depth when retrieving nested content to provide flexibility and improve performance.

  • Webhook size limit increase

    Release date: 16th February 2022

    We've enhanced our webhook functionality to increase to the size limit for webhook requests.

  • Webhook search enhancements

    Release date: 9th February 2022

    It's now easier to use Amplience Search with localized content.