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Release notes

The latest releases from Amplience.

  • Personal access tokens

    Personal Access Tokens (PATs) are now available as a secure method to authorize access to the Dynamic Content Management and GraphQL Asset Management APIs.

  • Use AI to create interactive shopping experiences

    Release date: 4th December 2023

    Automatic shoppable images, a new extension for Dynamic Content, automatically detects objects in images that can be enriched with focal points and interactive hotspots and polygons.

  • Enhanced AI services

    Release date: 1st November 2023

    Amplience credits make it easy to start using our AI services, including the new Background removal API.

  • GraphQL Content Delivery: manage your graphs more easily

    Release date: 4th October 2023

    Make managing your GraphQL graph easier with our type name collision helper.

  • Repository management with Dynamic Content

    Release date: 3rd October 2023

    Manage your repositories with more flexibility from within Dynamic Content's easy to use interface.

  • Optimize page load without sacrificing quality

    Release date: 27th September 2023

    Save up to 50% in image weight and 40% in video weight with the AVIF image format and VP9 and HEVC video codecs when you use Accelerated Media.

  • Amplience Search: archive and unarchive search indexes

    Release date: 27th September 2023

    You can now archive search indexes you're no longer working with.

  • Renaming assets in Dynamic Content

    Release date: 20th September 2023

    The new "Rename assets" feature in Dynamic Content, makes it easy to rename assets in your workflow.

  • Bulk copy - advanced rename

    Release date: 16th August 2023

    The bulk copy new advanced rename feature helps to save you time when changing the names of multiple copies.

  • Algolia search webhooks

    Release date: 1st August 2023

    The new Algolia search webhook template makes it easy to index your Dynamic Content data in Algolia.

  • Generative rich text editor extension

    Release date: 19th July 2023

    The generative rich text extension features a ChatGPT powered AI assistant. You can now generate and edit content using natural language to help improve your content production and editing workflow.

  • GraphQL Content Delivery API enhancements

    Release date: 12th July 2023

    Now you can retrieve unpublished content using the GraphQL Content Delivery API. We've also made it easy to work with unpublished content in the GraphQL playground.

  • Developer trial

    Release date: 3rd July 2023

    Our new developer trial lets you try out all the features of Amplience for 60 days. It includes a get started wizard to help you get up and running quickly.

  • Bulk copy enhancements

    Release date: 28th June 2023

    New options added to Dynamic Content bulk copy for renaming individual copies and adding a new subfolder when choosing a folder for copies.

  • Bulk actions for assigning and copying content

    Release date: 21st June 2023

    Two new bulk actions in Dynamic Content that allow you to assign multiple content items to users, or copy multiple content items at a time.

  • Bulk actions for set status and assign locale

    Release date: 7th June 2023

    Two new bulk actions in Dynamic Content help to streamline your workflow, by allowing you to set statuses and assign locales for multiple items at a time.

  • Teams for account management

    Release date: 16th May 2023

    Account management teams, help you quickly manage permissions for groups of Dynamic Content users. A new switch control lets you easily swap between account management and other apps.

  • Bulk archive for content

    Release date: 15th May 2023

    A new feature that introduces bulk archive and unarchive to Dynamic Content, making it quicker and easier to keep your repositories and folders organized.

  • GraphQL Content Delivery API improvements

    Release date: 19th April 2023

    A series of enhancements including custom filters, custom sort, and a GraphQL playground to easily explore your graph and test GraphQL queries.

  • Dynamic Content: delivery key search

    Release date: 19th April 2023

    Enhancements to the search allow you to find items by delivery key and use parameters and wildcards to perform detailed searches.

  • Content Hub: improved asset workflow

    Release date: 18th April 2023

    A collection of enhancements to make it easier to work with your assets, including an improved multiple selection menu and toolbar. You can now unpublish assets from within Content Hub.

  • Delivery key enhancements

    Release date: 15th March 2023

    Enhancements that make it easier for you to work with delivery keys. New configurable columns allow you to choose which information you want displayed in the content library list view.

  • Account management

    Release date: 25th January 2023

    Enhancements including a new admin panel, that provide flexible, granular control over Dynamic Content user permissions.

  • Custom labels for locales

    Release date: 18th January 2023

    New custom labels for locales to help users identify which locales to use.

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