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Amplience labs

We want you to quickly see the benefits from Amplience AI services. We've introduced a new Amplience labs classification to introduce new innovations to you faster and help you decide how to deploy services.

Labs previews
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Amplience labs previews offer early access to innovations for you to evaluate for use in your workflow. Please note that these pre-release services are unsupported and may contain bugs. Start using labs previews now, and give us feedback to guide future development and shape upcoming releases.

Labs preview means:

  • The service is an experimental feature
  • It's likely to be incomplete and may contain bugs
  • Performance has not been optimized
  • No support is provided. Outages and bugs will be addressed at our discretion. For an extension you can raise an issue in its GitHub repository
  • There's no guarantee that the service won't be removed/ modified or deprecated in the future
  • Your feedback will help to determine how the service evolves
  • Future releases may be classified as beta or general availability (GA)

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When labs previews are developed further they will be classified as beta. Services classified as beta will progress to a full production release, but require additional testing and feedback.

Beta means:

  • The service is feature complete
  • It may contain bugs
  • Performance may not have been optimized
  • It's available to all customers at our discretion
  • The service is intended to move to a full production release
  • No support is provided
  • There is no service level agreement (SLA)

General availability (GA)
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When a service is classified as GA it is fully released and supported:

  • The service is available to all customers
  • It's fully supported