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type Asset implements Node {
id: ID!
metadata(schemaName: String!): AssetMetadataConnection
assetId: String!
assetRepositoryId: ID
assetFolderId: ID
createdDate: DateTime
status: AssetStatus
published: Boolean
filename: String
revisionNumber: Float
label: String
name: String
mimeType: String
locale: String
localeGroup: String
thumbFile: String
file: String
thumbUrl: String
tags: [String!]
type: AssetType
workflowAssignedBy: ID
workflowAssignedTo: ID
workflowAssignedAt: DateTime
workflowStatus: WorkflowStatus
contents: [ID!]

Link copied! ● ID! non-null scalar
Link copied!

The ID of the object

Asset.metadata ● AssetMetadataConnection object
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Returns asset metadata

Asset.metadata.schemaName ● String! non-null scalar
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The schema name

Asset.assetId ● String! non-null scalar
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The UUID of the asset

Asset.assetRepositoryId ● ID scalar
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ID of the repository this asset belongs to

Asset.assetFolderId ● ID scalar
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ID of the (sub) folder this asset belongs to

Asset.createdDate ● DateTime scalar
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UTC date the asset was created

Asset.status ● AssetStatus enum
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Active status

Asset.published ● Boolean scalar
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Published status

Asset.filename ● String scalar
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Filename which represents the asset on the storage system

Asset.revisionNumber ● Float scalar
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Revision number

Asset.label ● String scalar
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Friendly label for the asset, this is what a customer will see ● String scalar
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Unique name for the asset, this is unique across the account which is flattened for the public URL

Asset.mimeType ● String scalar
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Mimetype of the asset

Asset.locale ● String scalar
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Locale (IETF language tag)

Asset.localeGroup ● String scalar
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Name of the locale group the asset belongs to

Asset.thumbFile ● String scalar
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Name of the file used for the thumbnail

Asset.file ● String scalar
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Name of the file on the storage system

Asset.thumbUrl ● String scalar
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Thumbnail URL

Asset.tags ● [String!] list scalar
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Tags for the asset

Asset.type ● AssetType enum
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Type of the asset

Asset.workflowAssignedBy ● ID scalar
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ID of the user who assigned the workflow

Asset.workflowAssignedTo ● ID scalar
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ID of who the workflow is assigned to

Asset.workflowAssignedAt ● DateTime scalar
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Timestamp of when the workflow was assigned

Asset.workflowStatus ● WorkflowStatus enum
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Workflow status

Asset.contents ● [ID!] list scalar
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ID of the contents

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Node interface
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An object with an ID

Member of
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AssetsEdge object