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type ContentGenerationSession implements Node {
id: ID!
messages: [ContentGenerationSessionMessage]!
organization: Organization!
cmsHub: CMSHub!
briefTemplate: ContentGenerationBriefTemplate!
author: ContentGenerationSessionAuthor!
label: String!
createdDate: DateTime!
expiryDate: DateTime

Link copied! ● ID! non-null scalar
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ContentGenerationSession.messages ● [ContentGenerationSessionMessage]! non-null object
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ContentGenerationSession.organization ● Organization! non-null object
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ContentGenerationSession.cmsHub ● CMSHub! non-null object
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ContentGenerationSession.briefTemplate ● ContentGenerationBriefTemplate! non-null object
Link copied! ● ContentGenerationSessionAuthor! non-null object
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ContentGenerationSession.label ● String! non-null scalar
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ContentGenerationSession.createdDate ● DateTime! non-null scalar
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ContentGenerationSession.expiryDate ● DateTime scalar
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Node interface
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An object with an ID

Returned by
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createContentGenerationSession mutation ● updateContentGenerationSession mutation

Member of
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ContentGenerationSessionEdge object