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type CMSRepository implements Node {
id: ID!
cmsRepositoryId: String
status: CMSRepositoryStatus
label: String
name: String
cmsHubId: String
userPermissions: [CMSRepositoryPermission!]!

Link copied! ● ID! non-null scalar
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The ID of the object

CMSRepository.cmsRepositoryId ● String scalar
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Repo ID

CMSRepository.status ● CMSRepositoryStatus enum
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Repo status

CMSRepository.label ● String scalar
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Repo label ● String scalar
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Repo name

CMSRepository.cmsHubId ● String scalar
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Hub ID

CMSRepository.userPermissions ● [CMSRepositoryPermission!]! non-null enum
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Node interface
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An object with an ID

Member of
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CMSHub object