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Enhanced AI services

Release date: 1st November 2023
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In this release we've introduced some new and enhanced AI services. We've also introduced Amplience credits to make it easy for you to start using Amplience AI services without having to set up your own account with OpenAI or other providers.

Our new Background removal API saves you time by using AI to automate what is usually a manual process of removing the background from an image. It detects the most prominent object in the foreground of an image and makes the background transparent. You can then perform further processing on the image to provide enhanced product images and help you to produce consistent product imagery.

We've also updated the Generative rich text editor and Image alt text generator extensions to make use of Amplience credits, making it easier for you to start using and evaluating how you can use these services as part of your workflow.

Amplience labs

To help you quickly see the benefits from Amplience AI services, we've introduced a new Amplience labs classification. This will help us to introduce new innovations to you faster and help you decide how to deploy services. Amplience labs previews offer early access to innovations for you to evaluate for use in your workflow. You can start using labs previews now, and give us feedback to guide future development and shape upcoming releases.

Also in this release, the Content Delivery filter API has been updated to increase the page size for returned items.

Amplience credits
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An organization is allocated a bundle of Amplience credits per week for free. Each time you make use of one of our AI services, to generate an image caption or some text for a blog post, for example, you will be spending one Amplience credit.

When you decide to adopt one or more Amplience AI services into your workflow, then you can choose an AI credits top up plan to meet your needs.

The Background removal API
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The Background removal API is a GraphQL API that is part of the GraphQL Asset Management API. The API takes the URL of an image stored in Content Hub and returns a URL to the image with the background removed.

In the following example we want to remove the background from the image shown below:

Image with a background to remove

If you send this URL in a request to the Background removal API, a temporary URL is returned with the image background removed:

The image with the background removed

You can then download this image and perform further processing.

Each request to the Background removal API will use one Amplience credit. You can find more details about using the API on the Background removal API page.

Note that the Background removal API, together with the rest of the Amplience AI services, is an Amplience labs preview.

Updated Generative rich text and Image alt text extensions
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We've also updated the Generative rich text editor and Image alt text generator extensions to use Amplience credits, so you can start using these services without any additional configuration.

The Generative rich text editor features an AI assistant that helps improve your content production and editing workflow, and lets you generate and edit content using natural language.

The Image alt text generator uses AI to generate alternative text for images for accessibility and SEO. The UI for both extensions has also been improved, making them easier to use.

Using the Image alt text generator extension

Filter API increased page size
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In the filter API, the page size specifies the number of items to be returned in each request. The maximum page size has now been increased to 50 if no depth is set, or if the depth is set to 0 (depth=root).

For a depth of between 1 and 22, the maximum page size remains at 12.

Amplience labs previews

Amplience credits

Background removal API

Generative rich text editor

Image alt text generator