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Announcement: 30th October 2023

Our original persona permissions used by Dynamic Content users, have been replaced with roles as part of changes to account structure and management.

Personas represented the actions that could be performed by different types of users within a team: content producer, planner, developer, admin and a read only user. Each users was allocated one of these personas.

Why have roles replaced personas?
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As part of the account management release, a new role based permissions structure has been introduced, that replaces the original persona based permissions.

Personas were part of the original permissions modelRoles are part of account management and are similar to personas
Permissions were updated by Amplience supportPermissions are updated by you and are under your control

How personas map to roles
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When you migrate from using personas to roles, existing persona permissions are mapped to roles as shown below:

PersonaHub and repository role
Customer adminAdmin
Content producerAuthor
Read onlyMember

The permissions for each persona are summarized below.

Content producer
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The content producer persona allowed users to create, edit and archive content items. They also had permission to create, edit and delete folders.

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Planners could perform all the tasks of a content producer, but could also publish content. In addition planners could create, edit and delete events and editions as well as schedule editions.

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The developer persona gave all the permissions of a planner, but could also create, edit and archive slots.

The developer persona also allowed access to the features in the Developer tab to:

  • Register a content type with a hub and enable a content type with a repo.
  • View, edit and delete webhooks
  • Archive content types and content type schemas
  • View integrations
  • View, create and edit Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) integrations
  • Register and manage extensions
  • Create, read, edit and delete search indexes (on hubs which have Dynamic Content search enabled)

Customer admin
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The customer admin persona gave permission to perform the role of content producers, planners and developers, and also:

  • Edit workflow states for a hub

Read only
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The read only persona allowed users to view content, events and editions, but not create or edit content, events or editions.