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Amplience AI Playground

Release date: 11th December 2023

This release introduces our new "AI Playground" which provides an easy way for Dynamic Content users to try our AI services. The playground is ready to use and requires no set up, so users can quickly explore the AI services and see how they can speed up content creation.

Try the AI Playground
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To use the AI Playground, open the Dynamic Content Dashboard, then choose "AI Playground".

The Amplience AI Playground

The playground includes AI services that you can use now, such as, the Generative Rich Text Editor and also shows you the AI services that are:

  • Released but not yet included in the playground
  • Planned for release and coming soon

To try an AI service in the playground, simply click its "Try it now" button, or select if from the left menu, then follow the on-screen instructions.


Any content you create in the AI Playground will not save to your Amplience account.

The AI Playground guides you through using each of the services. For specific information about the individual services, see AI services.

Amplience credits and the AI Playground
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An organization is currently allocated a bundle of Amplience credits per week for free. Each time you make use of one of our AI services from the playground, for example, to generate some text or an image description, you will be spending one Amplience credit.

Amplience credits make it easy for you to try out Amplience AI services without having to set up your own account with OpenAI or other providers.

AI services

Amplience credits