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Renaming assets in Dynamic Content

Release date: 20th September 2023

This Dynamic Content enhancement lets you rename assets from the Assets tab.

When assets are uploaded, their labels are set to be the same as the asset names. If the names aren't meaningful, for example, “IMG_87394” you can now easily change them from the Assets tab, to help you identify assets.

This enhancement is for the benefit of content authors who work within Dynamic Content, as it provides a more convenient way to rename assets than using Content Hub.

Renaming assets in the Assets tab
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To change the name displayed for an asset in the Assets tab, click "Rename" on the asset's card.

Clicking the asset Rename icon

In the "Rename asset" dialog, enter a descriptive label for the asset, using the characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, -, _. Note, the dialog shows the ‘user-friendly’ asset label. Updating the label automatically updates the asset name too.

Renaming an asset with the Assets tab

To see the asset type at a glance in the Assets tab, you can include the file extension in the label. The extension won't be added to the asset name. The . can only be used to separate the label and its file extension, for example '.jpg'. See Reserved and unsafe characters.

The renamed asset is displayed in the Assets tab.

Assets tab showing renamed asset

After renaming an asset you must republish it, to update its published URL.

Renaming assets from Dynamic Content