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Unpublish content- enhancements

Release date: 22nd May 2024

This release includes enhancements to the unpublish content feature, including the ability for users to unpublish content at the same time as it's archived. For developers we've updated our webhook payloads to include information to allow you to tell if a webhook was triggered by an item being unpublished.

Unpublishing on archive
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You can now choose to unpublish a content item at the same time as you archive it. Just select a single content item, archive it and click the "Unpublish and archive" button on the dialog displayed. The item will then be unpublished and moved to the archive.

When you archive a content item you will be asked if you want to unpublish it


You only have the option to unpublish on archive when you archive a single item.

Webhoook triggered on unpublish
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The "content item- updated" webhook is triggered when a content item is updated (including when it's archived or published), and will now also be triggered when an item is unpublished.

We've added some fields to the webhook payload including publishing status. You can add a filter to a webhook to perform an action, such as deleting the item from an Algolia index, when an item is unpublished:

$.payload.publishingStatus Equals UNPUBLISHED

In most cases you would also filter on the content type and other attributes.

An example of a webhook set up to trigger when an item is unpublished is shown below.

The content item- updated webhook is triggered when the content is unpublished

Content now unpublished from all delivery APIs
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In the previous release, content was only unpublished from the HTTP Content Delivery and Graph QL Content Delivery APIs.

Content is now also unpublished from the original (legacy) Content Delivery API and Content Rendering Service.

Unpublishing content

Content delivery- unpublishing content

Webhook payloads

Webhook overview

Customizable webhooks