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Content Studio - More content, less writing

Release date: 19th June 2024

Content Studio is a powerful AI content generation tool that gives marketers and merchandisers the ability to create high-quality, relevant content for shopping experiences, at speed and scale. With Content Studio you can effortlessly produce engaging content that connects with your audience, making sure you reach the right people at the right time.

There's more to Content Studio than just creating large amounts of content quickly. Its true value lies in its ability to help you consistently create relevant, compelling content, designed for eCommerce and tailored for specific audiences.

Start using Content Studio

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Content that's on-brand every time
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Content Studio uses information about your brand, tone of voice and audience to generate content that's unique to you and differentiates you from your competitors.

To get the best from Content Studio just give a few key pieces of information:

  • Brand - Establish your brand values, rules and preferred defaults for locale and tone of voice

  • Tone of voice Set up different tones of voice that can be used for generating content in different styles of language

  • Audience - Define your target audiences to effectively tailor content to selected demographics

You can also guide the AI model to follow your copywriting standards and styling by giving it examples of your content. See Examples for standards and styling.

Set your brand, audience and tone of voice

Content generated for eCommerce
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Be ahead of the game when it comes to creating quality content in a range of formats, such as blog posts, buying guides and product descriptions. Content Studio provides templates that are purpose-built for eCommerce and help you engage with your customers.

Choose from dozens of templates

Each time you use a template you can choose different settings to create unique, customized variants of content. Take a look at our growing list of available templates.

Transform your content creation
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Content Studio transforms the way you create content, making it easy to produce a wide range of informative and promotional content in much less time.

Whether you want to raise awareness of your products, catch buyer interest or build desire for your products, Content Studio quickly generates countless variants of high-quality content from a variety of different templates.

Generating content couldn't be easier with Content Studio, and here's a quick example for creating a product description.

The number of credits that you'll use are shown on the "Generate" button. Read more about credits.

Generating a product description

You can change options and regenerate until you're happy with your content. Then just copy and paste your generated content to use anywhere you like.

Create product specific output
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With Content Studio you can generate content based on product details held in your commerce repositories. Simply connect your product data repositories with Content Studio to include product details in your generated content. See Integrating your product data.

Choose your AI Models
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Different AI models will generate varying content, so Content Studio lets you choose which model you want to use, rather than forcing you to stick with just one. Examples of the AI models you can currently use are GPT-3.5, GPT-4 and Claude 3 Opus. See our list of supported AI models.

It's worth trying out different models to see which ones generates the content that suits your needs the best. Feel free to switch between them depending on what works for your brand.

Use Amplience credits
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Amplience credits are needed to use Amplience Studios features. Credits are allocated per organization and you'll choose a monthly credits plan when you sign up for Amplience Studios. See Using credits

You can see how many credits you have available by hovering over the credit balance logo in the top right hand corner of Content Studio.

You can see how many credits you have left by hovering over the icon at the top of the Content Studio window

The amount of credits it will take to perform a particular action is displayed on the “Generate” button at the bottom of the template you’re using. In the example shown below, it will cost 3 credits to generate a blog using the GPT-4 AI model and the settings chosen.

The number of credits required to perform a particular action is shown on the Generate button in each template

Getting started with Content Studio

Generating content


Integrating product data

AI Models

Credits and Content Studio