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Bulk promote editions to preview

Release date: 24th April 2024

This release introduces "bulk promote to preview" which allows Dynamic Content users to push multiple editions to a preview environment in one step. Promoting editions to preview lets you view unscheduled editions alongside other scheduled and promoted content, so you know exactly what your chosen channel will look like on a chosen date and time.

Promote multiple editions to preview
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When you update a content item that is included in multiple editions at once, the "bulk promote to preview" feature gives you the option to choose which editions you want to promote to your preview environment.

To promote multiple editions to preview for a content item, open the item's content usage panel. This example shows an updated content item and a list of the editions it's used in.

Content item with usage panel

When you choose to "Save & update editions", the "Update usages" dialog lets you select which editions you want to update and optionally promote to your preview environment.

The Update usages dialog

Once you've promoted the editions to preview, you will be able to view your unscheduled content alongside other promoted and scheduled content in your preview environment.

For more information see Promote to preview.

Promoting multiple editions to preview

Previewing editions