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Dynamic Content Management SDK- Personal Access Token support

Release date: 7th February 2024

This release is focused on developers and includes updates to the Dynamic Content Management SDK to support personal access tokens (PATs).

We recently introduced PATs as a self service alternative to using an API key and secret for authorizing access to the Dynamic Content Management API and GraphQL Asset Management API.

The Dynamic Content Management SDK has now been updated so developers can choose to either use PATs or an API key and secret.

SDK support for PATs
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The Dynamic Content Management SDK simplifies access to the API for building back-office applications. You can use it for webhook integrations, content automation apps, or to integrate with your existing backend services.

You can now choose to initialize the SDK using OAuth2 and supply an API key and secret, or to use a personal access token. PATs are created per user and per organization and only granted the permissions of the user that created them, so they provide more flexibility than an API key and secret.

See the Dynamic Content Management SDK on GitHub for more information.

Changes to the SDK
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As part of the updates to the SDK, we have renamed some classes. These changes won't effect most users of the SDK and you shouldn't need to update your code:

  • Oauth2Client has been renamed to Oauth2AuthHeaderProvider

  • OAuth2ClientCredentials has been renamed to Oauth2AuthHeaderProviderCredentials

  • In addition AccessTokenProvider has been removed so it is no longer accessible to those consuming the SDK.

Personal Access Tokens

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