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Enhanced content chooser

Release date: 3rd July 2024

With this release Dynamic Content users now have a smoother process for adding linked content, such as carousels. Typically, content authors link to already existing content when creating linked content, which is why we've updated the content chooser to reflect this way of working.

Using the enhanced content chooser
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To show how the enhanced content chooser simplifies linking content, here's an example using a simple carousel that can have linked slides.

Add linked content

After you've clicked to add linked content, a new "Add content" window is displayed. You can easily switch between selecting existing content or creating new content using the slider at the top of the window.

Here we're selecting existing content to add to the carousel.

Add an existing carousel slide or create a new one

Alternatively, if you switch to "Create new content", the "Add content" window shows the types of content that you are allowed to create. In the example below, the carousel slide is the only type of content that can be linked to the carousel.

Creating a new carousel slide

Once linked content has been added you are returned to the parent content. For this example the carousel now has linked slides and can be saved.

The carousel with four carousel slides

Creating linked content