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Properties pane enhancements

Release date: 27th March 2024

In this release, we’ve included more properties on the Dynamic Content properties pane, showing where the content exists in the content library, and its Virtual Staging Environment URLs. You can also view the folders in which your content has been saved, along with the folder structure.

These enhancements improve the usability of the content creation process by allowing users to see where content has been created and access unpublished content with ease.

The additional properties show:

  • The repository that contains the content (1)
  • The folder path if the content is in a repository folder (1)
  • VSE links if your environment is configured to use virtual staging. VSE links are constructed from the VSE domain and the content id, and allow you to retrieve the latest version of your content for visualisation. (2,3)

Enhanced properties pane

Content item properties

Developer guide to virtual staging