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Dynamic Content Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration- support for multiple sites

Release date: 12th September 2018

In this release we've made some enhancements to the Dynamic Content Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) integration to allow you to send content to more than one SFCC site from the same Dynamic Content hub.

The Dynamic Content SFCC integration makes it easier for both developers and users to integrate their SFCC sites with Dynamic Content. Once the integration is set up, all a business user needs to do is create editions in Dynamic Content, add slots that map to content slots in SFCC, populate these slots with content and schedule the edition. The integration will then set up a campaign in SFCC with the content the user added to the Dynamic Content edition.

In this release you can now specify which SFCC site particular Dynamic Content slots will deliver content to. This is particularly useful if you have multiple SFCC sites, serving different content to separate brands for example.

Supporting multiple SFCC sites
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If you wish to deliver content from your integration to multiple SFCC sites, then you will need to configure a separate integration for each site you support. The information required by Amplience in order to set up your integration is shown on the SFCC integration set up page.

If you want to deliver the same content to the same slot on each site, then you don't need to do any additional set up, just map the Dynamic Content slot to the corresponding SFCC content slot, as explained in SFCC slot mapping. Then when you schedule an edition, the same content will be delivered to the corresponding slots on each of the sites you have configured.

To benefit from the flexibility of specifying which SFCC site content from a particular slot is delivered to, then your developer or systems integrator will need to configure these slots to target a specific site. You can find more information about setting up your slots on the Mapping slots to multiple sites page.

Example: Edition delivering different content to multiple SFCC sites
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Once set up, choosing which site to deliver content to is straightforward.

In example shown below we have an "Autumn sale main promotion" edition and want to deliver different content to two SFCC sites: MobileFirst and RefArch.

The edition contains two slots: "MobileFirst: home-main-m" and "RefArch- home-main-m". We recommend using a slot naming convention that includes the SFCC site and slot ID in the slot name.

The image below shows the banner image that is added to the slot that is setup to deliver content to a slot on the homepage of the "MobileFirst" site.

The Autumn sale promotion edition

A different banner will be delivered to a slot on the homepage of the "RefArch" site:

A slot targeting the RefArch SFCC site

Previewing content in the SFCC storefront
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When the "Autumn sale promotion" is scheduled, the Dynamic Content SFCC integration will retrieve the content from each of the slots and deliver it to the content slots in the specified SFCC sites. We can preview the content in each site's storefront.

Here's the "MobileFirst" storefront showing a preview on 16/9 when the edition is scheduled to go live.

Previewing the MobileFirst storefront on the edition start date

The "RefArch" storefront preview shows the content added to the slot mapped to the homepage on that site.

Previewing the RefArch storefront