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input UpdateAssetInput {
id: ID!
src: String
name: String
filename: String
assetRepositoryId: ID
label: String
assetFolderId: ID
workflowAssignedTo: ID
workflowStatus: WorkflowStatus
contents: [ID!]
localeGroup: String
locale: String
tags: [String!]
thumbFile: String

Link copied! ● ID! non-null scalar
Link copied!

ID of the asset

UpdateAssetInput.src ● String scalar
Link copied!

Url path to the input file, e.g. ● String scalar
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The name of the asset. This should be a unique name across the account as it will be used when publishing

UpdateAssetInput.filename ● String scalar
Link copied!

Original filename

UpdateAssetInput.assetRepositoryId ● ID scalar
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ID of the assetRepository

UpdateAssetInput.label ● String scalar
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Friendly label for the asset, this is what a customer will see

UpdateAssetInput.assetFolderId ● ID scalar
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ID of the folder this asset is contained within

UpdateAssetInput.workflowAssignedTo ● ID scalar
Link copied!

ID of the assigned workflow user

UpdateAssetInput.workflowStatus ● WorkflowStatus enum
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Status of the workflow

UpdateAssetInput.contents ● [ID!] list scalar
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A list of asset IDs included in a set

UpdateAssetInput.localeGroup ● String scalar
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Name of the localeGroup the asset should belong to

UpdateAssetInput.locale ● String scalar
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Locale of the asset

UpdateAssetInput.tags ● [String!] list scalar
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A list of tags

UpdateAssetInput.thumbFile ● String scalar
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The UUID of an existing file to assign as a thumbnail

Member of
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updateAsset mutation