Viewing and editing content items

To open a content item, click or hover over the item you want to open until the ellipsis menu is shown in the top right of the content card. Choose "View" from the contextual menu as shown in the image below. Alternatively you can double-click a content item to open it.

The content editing form will open for this item and you can choose to view or edit its contents.

Viewing a content item
Viewing a content item

Editing a content item

Here's the content editing form for a tutorial banner item we created previously. To delete the background image, just hover over the image icon until the trash can icon appears. Then click this icon to delete the image. The image will be deleted and you can choose a new one to add.

The summer teaser hero banner open for editing
The summer teaser hero banner open for editing

Of course you can also edit any of the other forms in the banner. In this example we're editing the subheading to "Grab some bargains!". Once the change is made we click the Save button.

Visualization updated
Visualization updated

The content is now saved. Notice that the visualization has been updated to reflect the new subheading.

There are a number of other options available from the save menu, including renaming the content item and save as. For more information see Saving content or expand the section below.

Saving content

There are a variety of options for saving content available from Save menu in the content editing window.

If a change has been made to the content and it has not been saved, then the "Save" button will be highlighted, as shown in the image below. Just click Save to save the changes. If a visualization is shown for this content, as it is in this example, then the visualization will be updated to reflect the updated content.

A number of the other Save options will be available in the Save menu even if the menu itself is not enabled. For example, you can save another copy of this content or rename it.

The Save menu in the content editing window
The Save menu in the content editing window

Here's a list of the available Save options.

Save snapshot to edition

Open a dialog allowing the user to choose an edition to make this content available to. See Saving content to an edition for more details.

Save and create another

Save and close the content. Create a completely empty form for this content type. In the case of content, for example a carousel, that is the "parent" to "child" content such as the individual carousel slides, "Save and create another" is only available for the child content.

This item is only enabled if the content has not changed since last saved.

Save and close

Save the current content, close the window and return to the content library. This item is only enabled if the content has not changed since last saved.

Save as

Create a new version of this content, including the same values for the fields (in this case headline and strapline) and the same assets


Choose a new name for the content and save it.

Saving content to an edition

Editing linked content

Linked content is also easy to edit, as we'll show with the example of the carousel.

To open the carousel for editing, choose "View" from the item's contextual menu or double-click the item to open it.

Viewing the sunglasses carousel
Viewing the sunglasses carousel

The content editing window appears showing the carousel and each of the carousel slides that it includes. To edit one of the carousel slides, hover over the chosen item, in the example below the third one in the list is chosen, until the pencil and trash can icons are shown. Click the pencil icon to edit the carousel slide.

Choosing to edit a carousel slide
Choosing to edit a carousel slide

The carousel slide content item is now opened for editing. Once the item is edited, clicking the save button will return to the carousel. To go back to the carousel editing window without saving, just click the Back button.

Carousel slide open for editing

Creating linked content