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Schema editor enhancements

Release date: 17th April 2019

This release is focused on developer tools and includes some minor but useful enhancements to the Schema Editor. When adding a property with content links, developers can now choose from a list of suggested content type URIs. When using $ref to refer to other schemas, suggestions will also include core definitions and partials.

In the example schema shown below the contentLinks property includes a content chooser definition and an enum listing the content types that it can accept. Rather than having to look up the URI of each content type to add to the enum, you can just start typing part of the domain you're looking for or just type control+space. A menu containing a list of content type schemas URIs will be displayed.

Included in the list are the URIs of internal content type schemas created using the schema editor, and those stored externally and registered with the hub.

Choosing from a list of content type schema URI suggestions

Choose the content type you want from the list and it will be added to the schema editor window as shown below. You can repeat this for as many content types you want to include.

The selected content type URI is added to the schema editor window

Suggestions when using $ref
Link copied!

Suggestions are also provided when adding schema references using "$ref", making it easy to refer to partials and include inline content without having to look up the URI.

After the $ref reference in a property, start typing part of the URI you are looking for or control+space. A list of the available internal and external content types and partials will be shown in the menu.

The available partials and content types to be referenced by this property

You can view additional information about each menu item by clicking the "i" icon to the right of the first item in the menu. With this help enabled, information is displayed about the currently selected item: including whether it's a registered content type, a partial or a core definition.

An example of the help is shown in the image below.

Showing help for the currently selected item