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Dynamic Media- JPEG 2000 support

Release date: 21st August 2019

In this release we've introduced support for the JPEG 2000 standard as an image format that can be requested from Dynamic Media.

JPEG 2000 was designed as the successor to the original JPEG format and provides better quality images than JPEGs of the same size. It's currently supported by the Safari browser for iOS and mac OS.

For other browsers you should use the most appropriate format, such as WebP for Google Chrome. Your application should use the picture tag to conditionally display images in a format appropriate for each browser you support. Dynamic Media makes it easy to retrieve images in your chosen format.

Requesting a JPEG 2000 image
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Note that we don't currently support uploading and publishing JPEG 2000 images from Content Hub. To request an image in JPEG 2000 format you can use the fmt parameter. This will output a jp2 file from the original image (a PNG or TIFF file, for example):

You can also append ".jp2" to the image URL:

The MIME type of a jp2 is image/jp2.

The JPEG 2000 format also preserves transparency and if the source image from which the jp2 image is requested contains an alpha channel, this will be preserved in the JPEG 2000 image that is returned.

As with other images formats, you can also specify the image quality. Specifying a quality of 10% will returned a compressed image of lower file size but with some lost detail, while a quality setting of 90% will return a better quality, larger image.