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Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Technical Overview

The information on this page provides an overview of the Amplience Dynamic Media cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC). See the Dynamic Content Salesforce Commerce Cloud section to find out more about the Dynamic Content integration.

Introducing the Dynamic Media cartridge for SFCC
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The cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud is designed to simplify  the integration between the two platforms. The cartridge allows Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront to request media for a product and the Amplience platform will return the correct media. If the media does not exist, then a fallback will be returned.

There is also an associated report that is generated by the cartridge and allows you to find all of the products and product variations that do not have available media.

As a business user the flow for creating new product media is very straightforward - you simply upload your new product media either to a specified location on Amplience's FTP server for automatic ingestion into Content Hub. The rest of the process is automated by the cartridge and the associated scripts and jobs.

High Level Architecture
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The image below shows the process for adding new product media (images, videos etc.) using the Amplience cartridge:

  • Product media is created and uploaded via a SFTP batch upload into Content Hub.

  • A script is run either nightly, or more regularly, that will create media sets and, based on an agreed naming convention, will add the associated product images to those sets. The naming convention is agreed between with the customer and Amplience Customer Success team during project onboarding, and the set creation script is setup accordingly.

  • The sets and the media within those sets are automatically published to the Amplience CDN and made available via the media set service API. A media set manifest xml file is generated by another regular job that is setup on the Amplience account.

  • The Amplience cartridge for SFCC contains a scheduled job that requests the manifest file from Amplience and assigns the media sets to the product catalogue in SFCC.

  • Associated templates and Viewer Kits are then used to display the Amplience product media in the Web Storefront.

  • The storefront requests the images from the Amplience CDN.

The architecture of the Amplience Dynamic Media SFCC cartridge

Overview video
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Watch the video below for an overview of the Dynamic Media SFCC cartridge.

Guides for business users and systems integrators
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The following documents provide more information about the SFCC cartridge for developers, systems integrators and business users. Right click on the link to each guide to download it in PDF format.

Setup instructionsThis document describes how to install the cartridge and how to configure it in Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager. It also describes an example implementation where the cartridge is integrated with the Storefront Reference Architecture application (SFRA).
Dynamic Media cartridge FAQsSolutions to frequently asked questions about the Dynamic Media cartridge.
Test casesOutlines the full test cases to help system integrators confirm that the Amplience Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud has been installed correctly.

Cartridge details
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Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce CloudDetails
Latest release22.1.0
Certified Salesforce B2C Commerce Version20.10
Certified SFRA version5.1.0
Download linkSource code download
Salesforce AppExchangeAmplience Dynamic Media Cartridge for Salesforce B2C Commerce

Note: the source code includes a folder called "sample-images" that includes high resolution images for use with SFRAs and a document detailing asset naming requirements.

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  • Product imagery is served by the Amplience Dynamic Media service.
  • Automated assignment of Amplience product media to SFCC products catalog.
  • Support for full catalogue or partial updates of product media.
  • Reports: missing images and products without images. Reports can be emailed to business users.
  • Configurable out of the box, production-ready PDP viewer.
  • Support for 720, 360, video, alternate images.
  • Provides easy and configurable assignment of Amplience product images to SFCC products.
  • Swatch support.