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SAP® Commerce Cloud

Amplience provides an extension for SAP Commerce Cloud. The extension is an integration accelerator that simplifies the implementation of Amplience Dynamic Media.

The extension allows the merchant to manage all their product media in Amplience Dynamic Media rather than in SAP Commerce Cloud. This gives the merchant access to the advanced capabilities and performance of the Amplience Dynamic Media solution.

High level architecture
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The following diagram shows an overview of the various components of the integration.

  • The user will create product media and upload this to Amplience, usually via FTP using a batch process. A script is then run to create media sets. Once the media sets are created, they are published to the Amplience Content Delivery Network (CDN).

  • Everything within the Hybris accelerator is linked by product SKU. Products SKUs are mapped to Amplience media sets based on a convention agreed with the customer. These sets contain product images that can be manipulated using the features of Dynamic Media. The sets define the way that the media is ordered within Hybris.

  • The Dynamic Media set API is then used to retrieve product information, from a website or app, or the Hybris Product Cockpit.

The architecture of the Amplience SAP Commerce Cloud integration

Overview video
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Watch the video below for an overview of the Amplience SAP Commerce Cloud extension.

Guides for business users and systems integrators
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We've made the source code to the Amplience extension for SAP Commerce Cloud available on GitHub. This repository also contains guides for business users and systems integrators. Click the links below to open the guides.

Installation guideIncludes the steps required to install SAP Commerce Suite with the Amplience Extension on a local system.
Integration overviewAimed at Developers and Solutions Architects. Explains the main classes and files where the logic of the extension resides and gives integrators an understanding of what to change to adapt the extension to their Hybris implementation.

Accelerator details
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Amplience for SAP Commerce CloudDetails
Latest release3.0.0
Compatible SAP Commerce Cloud Version2005
Source code
SAP Certified Solutions DirectoryAmplience extension for SAP Commerce Cloud 3.0

The Amplience Extension for SAP Hybris Commerce enables a number of scenarios for using Amplience Dynamic Media images within the SAP Hybris B2C Accelerator and for presentation of imagery within the storefront.The extension uses the Apparel Accelerator demo web store.

SAP Commerce Cloud B2C Accelerators
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  • SAP Commerce Cloud Product Cockpit: Display the Product image from Amplience in the product list, grid and in the edit sidebar
  • SAP Commerce Cloud CMS Cockpit: CMS components to load content images from Amplience

Apparel Storefront
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The extension enables the Storefront to use Amplience Dynamic Media in place of the main product media:

  • Homepage ‘What’s New’ and ‘Best Selling Products' - product images
  • Product List Page - Product Images and layering of overlay images (e.g. Roundels)
  • Product quick view lightbox - main product image and image gallery
  • Product Details Page - main product image, image gallery. color swatch images
  • Shopping Bag - Order lines product thumbnail
  • Shopping Bag Lightbox - Product thumbnail and Swatch image
  • Static Pages - Image carousel
  • Collect In Store Lightbox - product thumbnail

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  • The extension supports a specific feature set. New Amplience features are not automatically supported.
  • Dynamic Content is not currently supported by the integration.

Amplience extension for SAP Commerce Cloud GitHub repository

Dynamic Media reference

Dynamic Media Playground