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commercetools integration

You can integrate Amplience with the commercetools platform, to allow your content producers to to pull information, such as product IDs, into Amplience automatically from BigCommerce. To set up the integration use our eComm toolkit extension. This extension can be used to set up integrations with several commerce platforms, including commercetools.


You will require a commercetools account to use categories, products and user segments from that platform.

Access categories and products from commercetools when creating content in Amplience

Using the eComm toolkit extension you can create mappings from commercetools to Amplience for: ​

  • Commerce categories to automatically retrieve things like category IDs and category display names into Amplience

  • Products for users to search and​ select single or multiple products from commercetools to populate a content item in Amplience

  • User groups/segments for business users to create personalized content experiences by pulling targeted user segments into Amplience without having to reference commercetools​ (note, requires self-hosting)

Read about the eComm toolkit extension on GitHub.

Integrating with commercetools
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To integrate with commercetools, you first register the extension against an Amplience Dynamic Content Hub and then configure commercetools.

The following documents are for developers and systems integrators to set up and configure the eComm Toolkit for commercetools.

ReadmeOverview and Quickstart guide.
Base extension setupDescribes how to register the extension against an Amplience Dynamic Content Hub.
commercetoolsConfiguration for connecting to a commercetools instance.

For all technical information about this extension, see Github.

eComm toolkit extension overview

eComm toolkit extension on GitHub