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Webhook fundamentals

Learn how to customize, debug and test your webhooks, with sample payloads for you to build from in Dynamic Content.

  • Webhooks overview

    Learn how to manage the webhook management user interface and activity log.

  • Customizable webhooks

    Learn how to use the features that allow you to customize your webhooks.

  • Testing and debugging

    Understand how to interpret the activity log and debug or test your webhooks.

  • Sample webhook payloads

    Sample payloads for each of the webhook events currently supported by Dynamic Content.

Webhook integrations

Use Amplience webhooks to integrate with other platforms.

  • SlackSlack


    Post messages to Slack channels when users create or update content items in Dynamic Content.

  • ZapierZapier


    Trigger Zaps from user actions in Dynamic Content.

  • Algolia searchAlgolia search


    Connect Dynamic Content to the Algolia API to sync your search index using a customizable webhook.

  • Amplience imageAmplience image


    Receive instant SMS messages to your mobile phone when content is published in Dynamic Content.

  • Amplience imageAmplience image

    Connect Dynamic Content to your dashboard to sync new content data using a customizable webhook.