Previewing content

Content previews allow you to view your website or app exactly as it will appear at a chosen point in time. The preview app can be as complex as you'd like, simulating your entire app or just particular pages on your website, for example. In many cases the preview will be linked to your ecommerce system.

The content preview will display whatever content is either live or scheduled to go live at the selected time. You can think of this feature like a content "time machine" and your developers could include a date control to make it easier for users to quickly cycle through the contents at different dates.

The content preview will show content from editions that are scheduled to go live on the specified date and time, or published content, but you can also preview an edition without first having to schedule it. See the preview edition page for more details.

Preview settings

To view content previews you must have a content preview app set up and specified in the "preview settings" dialog. A virtual staging environment is also required to show content previews.

An example content preview settings dialog is shown below. In this case we have one preview app set up called "website", but you might have several preview apps set up and choose between them.

The preview settings dialog
The preview settings dialog

Viewing a content preview

You can launch a preview in several ways:

  • Right click at the top of any date in the calendar and choose "Preview".
  • Choose the "Preview" button at the top right of the calendar or timeline window.
  • Click on any date at the top of the timeline view.
  • Right click on any item in the timeline view.
  • Preview an edition. This is explained in more detail on the preview edition page.

The Preview content item will not be available for dates earlier than the current date.

In the example shown below we've right clicked on a date in the calendar view.

The preview content menu
The preview content menu

The Preview content dialog is displayed. Choose the date and time from which to show the preview. Click the "Launch preview" button and the preview will be launched. If you have multiple preview apps set up, you can choose which one to open.

Choosing a date for content preview
Choosing a date for content preview

Take a look at the content preview example to see the content preview in action.

Sharing a preview

You can share a preview, to send to other team members to review, for example. In the preview dialog, there is a "Get link" section which includes the preview URL. Click the copy icon to the right of the URL to copy it to the clipboard.

Copying the preview link
Copying the preview link

The URL can then be pasted into a browser to launch the preview app and display a preview at the chosen date and time.

The link can be pasted into a browser to launch the preview app
The link can be pasted into a browser to launch the preview app

Content preview example

Preview edition

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