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Webhook size limit increase

Release date: 16th February 2022

This release is focused on developers and includes some enhancements to our Dynamic Content webhook functionality, including an increase to the size limit for webhook requests.

Webhook request size limit increase
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A key part of our customizable webhook functionality is the custom payload. This is specified in handlebars format and is used to generate JSON output. In some cases the output of the custom payload can get quite large, so to provide you with more flexibility the maximum size of the output from the custom payload has now been increased to 200 KB. The maximum size of the custom payload itself remains the same at 5 KB.

If the webhook request body is more than 200 KB an error will be displayed, but it's unlikely that you'll exceed the updated limit.

The error generated if the output from the custom payload is greater than 200 KB

Improvements to viewing the webhook response
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We've also made a change to the way the webhook response is displayed in the activity log. Webhook response bodies of up to 100 KB are now displayed without being truncated. This makes it easier to use the tracing option to track down issues when using the Dynamic Content Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration.

Customizable webhooks

Webhook testing and debugging

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