Video overviews

In this section you'll find videos introducing the features of the Amplience platform, including Content Hub, Dynamic Media and Dynamic Content.

Introduction to Amplience

This video provides a quick overview of the Amplience platform and where Dynamic Content, Dynamic Media and Content Hub fit in.

Dynamic Content overview

This video explains what's different about the Amplience approach to content and provides an overview of the content planning and content production process.

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Dynamic Media overview

In this video we introduce Dynamic Media, the service used to manipulate images and videos on the fly using a simple URL based API.

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Content Hub overview

This video introduces Content Hub, provides an overview of the CDN infrastructure and shows you how to organize, ingest and publish assets.

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Dynamic Content- planning videos

Dynamic Content- content production videos

Dynamic Content- development videos

Dynamic Content- Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration videos

Dynamic Media videos

Content Hub videos