Video tutorials: production

On this page you'll find videos covering content production, including creating and publishing content and content revision history.

The Content Library

In this video we explain how content is organised in the content library and how to rename and copy items. We also demonstrate how to search for and organise content in folders.

Creating content

How to create a typical content item, in this case an example image block. This video also shows how to use visualizations to preview content.

Publishing content

Demonstrates how to publish items directly from the production view of Dynamic Content. This video shows how to create a "linked" content item, a carousel containing a number of items within it, and then publish it. To see how to make use of the planning and scheduling features to schedule content to be published, see planning concepts and the spring sale example.

Content revision history

Each time you make a change to a content item, this change is recorded in its revision history. This video explains how to view the revision history and how to view previous versions.


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