Video tutorials: Dynamic Content- content planning

The videos on this page introduce the planning concepts of events, editions and slots and walk you through an example content project.

Planning concepts

In this video we introduce the key planning and scheduling concepts of events, editions and slots. If you're getting started with the planning features of Dynamic Content, start here and then watch the winter collection event video that walks you through each step of an example content project.

The winter collection event

This video walks you through an example content project that demonstrates the key planning, scheduling and delivery concepts of events, editions and slots. We’ll show you how to create events and editions, add slots and content and preview your content using the content time machine- so you can see exactly what it looks like on your website before it goes live.

The timeline

This video introduces the timeline, making it easier you to view your upcoming events and editions, and the slots they contain.

Time zones

This video introduces time zones, a feature that simplifies working with teams in multiple locations.

Planning and publishing

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