Video tutorials: Dynamic Content- development

The videos on this page are for developers who want to find out more Dynamic Content development concepts, how to create content type schemas and features such as localization, extensions, search and customizable webhooks.

Development concepts: schemas, content types and slots

In this video we provide a quick introduction to content type schemas, content types and slots.

Project tasks

This video walks through the main development tasks involved in creating a solution that integrates with Dynamic Content.

Creating and registering content type schemas

Using the example of a simple banner, this video shows you how to create a content type schema with the Schema Editor, how to register the schema as a content type and how this content type is used to create content.

Creating slots

This video shows you how to create and register a slot schema and how that slot can be added to a slot in an edition.


In this video we explain the two types of localization that Dynamic Content supports: field level localization and content item localization. The information in the video should help you decide what type of localization is right for you.


Extensions are a way of enhancing the content editing experience to include features not found in the content form. You use extensions with properties in content type schemas and in this video we include an example of registering and using an extension.

Dynamic Content makes it easy to create a search index for your content, populated from one or more content types. In this video we show you an example of creating and configuring a search index.

Next generation Content Delivery API

In this video we'll show you how to retrieve content by id or key using our next generation content delivery API.

Delivery keys

This video walks you through adding a delivery key to content items and slots and explains how to include the delivery key in your content form so it can be added at the same time as the rest of your content.

Filtering content by locale

If you’re using field level localization, you can retrieve content for a specified locale. In this video we walk you through some examples.

Get multiple content items

With Content Delivery 2, you can also retrieve multiple items in the same request. This video shows you how.

Virtual staging, visualization and previews

Virtual staging allows you to work with unpublished content and is used for visualizations, previews and cards. In this video we explain the concepts of virtual staging and how you can use it to implement your own previews and visualizations.

Example integration approaches

This video provides some example approaches that you can use when building your own integration with Dynamic Content.

Customizable webhooks

Customizable webhooks are a powerful feature that makes it easier to integrate Dynamic Content with a 3rd party API. This video walks you through setting up a simple integration with Slack and shows how to set up a custom payload and how to use the webhook testing and debugging features.