Active end dates

An active end date refers to an edition whose content is marked to expire at the edition end date. When you retrieve the content from a slot that is part of an edition that is marked as set to expire, the expiryDate is part of the data returned to you.

What you do if the slot is part of an expired edition is up to you:

  • The platform does not unpublish any content
  • The slot content will still be retrieved and will contain the same content that was published to it from the edition, until another overwrites it with new content

You might choose to set up another slot with some default content and consume content using this slot it, leave the slot blank or continue to render the content from the slot as normal. All setting up an active end date for an edition will do is include the expiryTime in the slot's JSON content.

Setting an active end date for an edition

To set an active end date, you can check the "content to expire at edition end date" box when creating or editing the edition, as shown in the image below.

Creating an edition with an active end date
Creating an edition with an active end date

Checking for an expiry time

The JSON content of a slot published to an edition with an active end date will contain a lifecycle field within the _meta property. The JSON below shows an example.

"_meta": {
  ...."lifecycle": {
    "expiryTime": "2018-02-15T23:59:59.000Z"
  "name": "home-page-promo-banner",
  "edition": {
    "id": "5a8439dac9e77c00014dcc8c",
    "start": "2018-02-14T13:35:00.000Z",
    "end": "2018-02-15T23:59:59.000Z"

You can then check the expiryTime against the current time to see if this content should be treated as expired.

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