Dynamic Content

Way more than content management

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Content for Shopping Experiences

Dynamic Content is a CMS that redefines content creation, designed for volume, variety and the ability to visualize your content so you see exactly what your customers will see in every shopping context.

In a Nutshell

  • Create dynamic experiences at scale

  • Rich editing interface for high-speed content production

  • Instantly see how content will appear wherever you want it

  • Build sophisticated experiences without developer input

  • Easy campaign management: schedule, create and deliver in one place

  • Preview across multiple contexts and channels

Better for Business

Take control of your content with the ability to plan, preview and publish from one platform. Dynamic Content supercharges your productivity, your speed and your conversions in every channel.

Better for Tech

APIs, modern SDKs, and webhooks give you control over the entire authoring experience and integration, while user interface (UI) extensions let you customize the editing interface to suit you. And the fastest content delivery APIs let you query and retrieve the content graph dynamically.

Better for Content

Remove the bottlenecks and barriers and suddenly you’re able to create the volume and variety of content that will help you win. Schedule, target, personalize and preview – simply create it once and publish it everywhere.

Make Everything Easier

Separating content from its presentation layer lets you deliver the best experience everywhere. We store your content as data, so you can easily use it across your app, website, mobile, store and more – with your choice of content types to create your own content model.

Hierarchies help you organize and search your content in all sorts of clever ways. For example, you can tag content types, such a ‘Men’s Shirts’ then search to bring up all of that specific content with our filter API.

Eyes on the Prize

No more playing by the old rules of form-based content creation systems. Dynamic Content lets you create without constraint – with a clean interface and real time visualizations, you can create and preview your content side-by-side, for every device.

Dynamic Content also makes it easier to work with images, transforming them into the right format for every platform.

Plan. Preview. Publish.

Our integrated content planning tools banish the complexity of managing simultaneous changes across multiple channels and devices.

They give you the power to schedule and publish in real-time, any time – previewing the experience at any point in the process so you know what you see is exactly what your customers will get.

Everybody’s Happy

Our integrated content type development tools give teams the tools to collaborate, allowing both authors and developers to create experiences that structure the content graph precisely the way they want it.

Content That Goes Whoosh

The best mobile experiences rely on lightning fast content delivery APIs to produce sub-second page-load performance. And we’ve engineered the fastest content delivery service anywhere. Simply set a delivery key and query the content graph by name, <35ms time-to-first-byte. Then watch it go whoosh.

Search APIs to Power Your Apps

Product listings, landing pages and in-journey personalization all rely on search to keep content hyper relevant. So we’ve teamed up with the best search APIs on the planet, providing inbuilt integrations and webhooks to index content as it’s published.

Bye-Bye Bad Shopping Experiences

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