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You know the asset you want to use. You know where it is. There is only one high-res version, and it’s tagged with the right metadata. The team that need it for print get it from the same place as the one that needs it for the app. The place where you consolidate all your assets. For all your channels. That everyone can access. A place that not only stores but uses image recognition to help you find, too. Your single source of truth. That place is Content Hub. And because it’s built API first, our powerful scripted workflows can automate everything from asset syndication to media set building. Leaving you with the time and space to do more.

In a Nutshell

  • Fully featured headless DAM

  • Optimized for media content management

  • Store, organize and retrieve all assets

  • Full suite of enrichment tools

  • Powerful scripting engine

  • Studio-through-site workflows

Better for Business

Centralizing your assets so they come from one source of truth means a consistent, high quality experience across all channels. It also means more collaborative working across teams in different markets. And it eliminates needless duplication that is making everyone’s life frustrating.

Better for Tech

Content Hub is an automation powerhouse for media ingestion and syndication. It’s API-first so every published asset is an API in its own right, enabling programmatic access to its metadata. Giving developers the freedom to create rich, interactive experiences that consumers love.

Better for Content

Get a better understanding of what content you have so you can drive better campaigns. Enriching assets with keywords and product attributes will make them work harder and be more effective. So when working in Dynamic Content, you can find exactly the right asset for the experience you’re about to create.

Sort Them

Choose how folders are structured. Define your own workflows. Ingest assets from multiple providers. This is a DAM that can be tailored to your requirements. It eliminates the need to create multiple assets for different channels. Instead upload one master asset and render it for any format later. Whatever your asset – video, gif, PSD, PDF, image, doc, even new augmented reality formats – we’ve a place for you to organize it. And optimize it. This is your one source of truth for all your content across the whole business.

Find Them

Content Hub has a flexible metadata model. Inbuilt image recognition tools automatically assign metadata to give you efficient organization and retrieval of assets, wherever you need them. Metadata can be surfaced to define and categorize. Assets become richer, more visible and super easy to locate. Find the right asset. First time. Every time.

Enrich Them

New assets arrive in Content Hub desperate for attention, so show them some love. The point-of-interest tool sets focal points, hotspots and defines image areas. And it’s built into editing flows so you can do it all in one stream. We even have tools for the management of SVG image templates so you can preview and manage all of the variants of banners and emails. Visual workflows with status control. Ready for that next campaign. Set-up for success. Everywhere you need it.

Automate Them

Content Hub and Dynamic Media work hand-in-glove. Asset preparation and post-production gives way to blazing speed and configurability. And the tools to manage those dynamic experiences live here. Granular cache-control, image templating, batch publishing. Everything you need to make rich compelling experiences. Without the hassle.

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