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Roles are used for setting user permissions for Dynamic Content users. We provide a standard set of roles that can be assigned at three levels: organization, hub and repository.


Roles are replacing personas for granting Dynamic Content user permissions. If you currently use personas to set permissions, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Amplience Support about migrating to our more flexible role-based permissions.

Using the account management panel, your organization administrator uses roles to set permissions.

Organization roles
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Organizations have at least one administrator who assigns roles. By default users are assigned the member role.

MemberHas read-only access to an organization's content
AdminHas edit access allowing them to invite users to an organization and manage user permissions for hubs and repositories in that organization

If you are the organization administrator, you can change a member's assigned organization role.

Hub and repository roles
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Hub and repository roles are packaged sets of permissions that control user access levels for hubs and repositories. The roles are: member, author, publisher, developer and admin.

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Assigning a user the role of member on hubs and repositories allows them to do the following:

Hub memberRepository member
View events and editionsView content items

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Assigning a user the role of author on hubs and repositories allows them to create, edit, and delete content. Note that authors do not have permission to publish content.

Hub authorRepository author
Create snapshotsCreate, edit and archive content items
Add, update and delete snapshots from editionsManage folders

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Assigning a user the role of publisher on hubs or repositories allows them to do publishing tasks.

Hub publisherRepository publisher
Publish content from the hub for which this role is assignedPublish content from the repository for which this role is assigned
Create, edit and delete events and editions
Perform hub author actionsPerform repository author actions

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Assigning a user the role of developer on hubs or repositories allows them access to the Dynamic Content Developer tab to model content and define your environment.

Hub developerRepository developer
Manage webhooksCreate edit and archive slots
Manage content types and content type schemasEnable content types on the repository for which this role is assigned
View integrations
View, create and edit Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) integrations
Register and manage extensions
Update hub and repository settings
Manage search indexes (on hubs that have Dynamic Content search enabled)
Perform hub author and publisher actionsPerform repository author and publisher actions

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A user with the admin role has permission to perform actions allowed by the developer, publisher, author and member roles.

Note Hub admins can edit workflow states for a hub.

Hubs and repositories