Dynamic Content SDKs

We provide some SDKs to help you consume content in your applications from the Content Delivery Service, integrate your backend systems with Dynamic Content and build custom extensions that enhance the content editing process.

The Content Delivery SDK

The Dynamic Content Delivery SDK gives you a head start for writing both client side and server side code that consumes content using the Content Delivery API.

The SDK includes the following features to help you:

  • Fetch content and slots using the Content Delivery Service
  • Retrieve localized content
  • Work with unpublished content served from a Virtual Staging Environment. This simplifies writing visualizations and content preview apps
  • Make use of the Content Rendering service to transform content into HTML
  • Use the Filter API to list, sort and filter content
  • Build your static site with the Fresh API

The SDK also includes utility functions to help you work with images and make use of the features of Dynamic Media to transform images on the fly.

Usage: JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js.

The SDK is available on GitHub

The Content Management SDK

The Dynamic Content Management SDK helps you integrate your back end systems with Dynamic Content.

The SDK is designed for building back-office applications and simplifies access to the features of the Dynamic Content Management API. You can use the SDK to build webhook integrations, content automation apps, or integrate with your existing back end services.

To use the SDK, you'll need a client ID and secret which can be provided by Amplience support.

Usage: Node.js and TypeScript

The SDK is available on GitHub

The Extensions SDK

The Dynamic Content Extensions SDK is used to develop extensions to customise the content editing experience and include features not found in the standard content editing form.

Extensions are simple web applications that are used to render a property within the content editing form, replacing the standard rendering for a particular type of control.

The SDK includes features to:

  • Initialize the connection between Dynamic Content and your extension
  • Get and set the value of the property that uses the extension
  • Read the value of parameters sent to the extension
  • Allow the user to select content and media

Usage: JavaScript and TypeScript

The SDK is available on GitHub

The Visualization SDK

The Dynamic Content Visualization SDK is used to develop realtime visualizations that are updated as the user makes changes to the content. This speeds up the content creation process by providing instant feedback, without the user needing to save the content.

The SDK simplifies the process of creating a realtime visualization by doing much of the work for you.

The SDK includes features to:

  • Register to receive updates when the content form is updated
  • Register to be notified when the user changes visualization settings, switches locales or updates the delivery key of the content item being visualized
  • Specify the format of the JSON sent to your visualization code

Usage: JavaScript and TypeScript

The SDK is available on GitHub