On this page we've included the various limits for the Dynamic Content APIs and general usage of the Dynamic Content app. Limits for Content Hub and apps are also included.

Note that most of these limits are hard coded and cannot be changed. Generally you should not be close to these limits.

Content delivery 2

Feature limit Description
Delivery Keys 150 characters maximum. Must conform to validation rules and be unique on a hub
Get multiple content items 12 items in the request The combined maximum of either delivery keys or ids
Nested content 22 levels The content graph of a content item may be nested up to a depth of 22 levels.
If you are close to this limit, you may consider using content references instead of content links.
Content item body size 200kb The maximum size of the content item body.
Request time limit 10 seconds The maximum time allowed before a request times out.


Snapshots are an immutable representation of a content item. Snapshots are generated when:

  • A content item snapshot is saved to an edition or content is added to a slot in an edition
  • Content is published
  • Editions are scheduled
  • Editions are previewed
Feature limit Description
Snapshot 2500 items The maximum number of items in a snapshot.

Content rendering service

Feature limit Description
Response size The maximum response size is 64MB This is the size of the HTML response
Maximum number of handlebars templates 50 The maximum number of distinct handlebars templates that can be invoked as a result of a single request is 50
Maximum number of partials 1000 The maximum number of partials that can be loaded as a result of single request

Content type schemas

Feature limit Description
Schema URL size 950 The maximum size of a content type schema URL is 950 characters


Feature limit Description
Custom payload The maximum size of the custom payload is 5kb This is the handlebars template that defines the custom payload
Webhook request The maximum size of the custom payload output is 10kb This is the output size when the custom payload is processed
Webhook request retry attempts 18 The maximum number of retry attempts for HTTP requests. The maximum duration for retries is 12 hours
Custom payload retry attempts 5 The maximum number of retry attempts when creating a custom payload. The maximum duration for retries is 15 minutes
Feature limit Description
Search analytics data 90 days The length of time search analytics data is stored

API Rate limits

In addition to the rate limits shown below, Amplience reserves the right to impose rate limits on requests to the Dynamic Content Management API. We will only do this to help guarantee service availability to all our customers.

Feature limit Description
Publish content requests 100 request per minute This rate limit applies to Dynamic Content Management API requests that publish content

Dynamic Content usage

Feature limit Description
Content item statuses 100 This is the maximum number of content item statuses that can be added to a hub
Edition slots 200 Up to 200 slots can be added to an edition
Content versions 2300 The maximum number of versions for a content item

Content hub and apps

Feature limit Description
Asset manual upload 100mb The maximum size files that can be uploaded with a manual upload
Media share assets 800 Maximum number of assets in a single share
Media share size limit 1000Mb The maximum size of a single share

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