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Quickstart Guide

The 60-day Developer Trial gives you access to the Amplience platform (Dynamic Content, Content Hub) for evaluation purposes.

Developer Trial features:
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  • Create hello world, banner and carousel content types with a guided getting started wizard
  • Render the content types in GraphQL and React
  • Learn how to visualize your content
  • Manipulate images on the fly with the features of Dynamic Media

Using the Developer Trial Wizard
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This trial includes a get started wizard that walks you through the following steps:

  • Set up sample content types: hello world (a simple text based content type), and a carousel that includes up to 4 banners.
  • Generate and publish sample content.
  • Fetch and render the content using the HTTP Content Delivery API, GraphQL Content Delivery API, or the React framework.

Create your first content types
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In Step 1 of the wizard you choose which content types to create: the simple hello world example or a carousel that can contain up to 6 banners.

Once you've chosen which content type to use, its schema is created and from that the content type is created and registered.

The first step of developer trial

Create some sample content items
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In Step 2 some sample content is created for your chosen content types. In the example below, sample content is created for some banners and the carousel that contains them.

The second step of developer trial

Fetch your content
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In Step 3 you first need to publish the content so that it can be retrieved using the Content Delivery API.

The third step of developer trial

Once the content is published, you can browse the code for retrieving and rendering the content using the HTTP or GraphQL Content Delivery API, or the React framework with the Content Delivery SDK. You can view the code on the left and the rendered content on the right.

The final step of developer trial

With the example content types and content created, you can move on to creating your own content types and exploring the other features of the platform.

Next steps: the Build a Banner tutorial
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After completing the developer trial, one way to explore the platform in more detail is to work through the Build a Banner tutorial.